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Two in three youth say they use non-cigarette tobacco products like e-cigs, little cigars, and chew because they come in the candy flavors they like

Two in three youth who use tobacco say they use non-cigarette tobacco products like e-cigs, little cigars, and chew because they come in the candy flavors they like. These products entice kids into a lifetime of tobacco addiction.

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Encouraging kids to smoke a vape is so wrong!!! I'm a smoker of 40+ years and it's impossible to quit!

Katy Valdez

St. Johnsbury

I am concerned because many of my students do not think flavored tobacco or tobacco in general is a concern.

Emily Gunn


As a concerned parent, I feel all tobacco products and especially flavored/candied tobacco is underhanded and unacceptable.

Tina Martin


I know a lot of people who began vaping because of the flavors and I don't want to see the youth of my state being misled into addiction.

Nickolas Stapleton


Please don't have these products where my grandchildren can see them in the stores

Efstathiou Laura


I am super concerned about flavored tobacco products - especially ecigs. It is awful that kids are being marketed to like that.

Beth Haysleti


It encourages students to start smoking.

Pat Gelo


As a new parent, I do not want my boys to have to grow up surrounded by products that are so bad for their health.

Sara Zaino


It's causing all kinds of illness and that's killing all kinds of people.

Kynzie Smith


Because I feel these products are marketed to young children who don't understand the health risk of said product.

Rosie DeCamp

Bellows Falls

Grooming teens as tobacco users is wrong.

Andy Jackins


They encourage kids to try deadly tobacco products.

Julie Sweet


I'm concerned about flavors that appeal to kids. I'm also concerned about advertising to kids and the kids thinking vaping is cool.

Jeannete Boos


I don't like that kids are getting addicted at a young age!

Rosie Senna


They are a gateway to addiction and are being marketed to youth.

Cheryl Chandler

West Danville

Tobacco can damage your lungs and over time make it hard to breath.

Madison Ashford


People are unaware that the effects are of flavored tobacco are the same as smoking or chewing tobacco.

Amra Jusupovu


Flavored tobacco products provide an easy pathway to possible lifelong addiction for our kids to tobacco use.

Karen Avery

West Dover

By making flavored tobacco products attractive to young people - they get hooked at an early age, and it is very hard to quit! Oral cancer is a very real concern.

Rhea Clark


People think vaping is healthier than smoking, so they think it's okay.

Meredith Pelton



Underage tobacco use won’t go away on its own. In fact, it’s a big problem across our state. The numbers speak for themselves.


of Vermont youth who use tobacco believe flavored tobacco products are safer.


Vermont youth are TWICE as likely to try a flavored tobacco product over a non-flavored one than an adult is.


of Vermont adults believe that ALL flavored tobacco products should be illegal.

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